Q&A Episode 15: No Spark Troubleshooting

We got a lot of requests to cover troubleshooting some of the issues causing no spark. How to start Troubleshooting a no spark issue? Dan goes though some of the first steps in the process. Starting with the connection between the key-switch, battery terminal and... read more

The Great WILLYS Picnic

Show and Swap Meet I wanted to let you know about a great local event in Kempton Pennsylvania. This event is a great time, I really enjoyed checking out all of the Old Jeeps and meeting the guys who spend their time and money restoring them. You can check out Pictures... read more

Another Walck’s Exclusive: Radiator Shroud and Grill Mount

Carl Walck of Walck’s 4 Wheel Drive show off another Walck’s Exclusive. These parts are all made in the USA, ensuring a great quality Reproduction. The Radiator Shroud Side Mount has the 6 mounting holes like the original and is shaped like the original... read more

Q&A Episode 16: Horn Button Problems

Dan goes over some of the common problems with the Horn Button. Common Problems Like: Horn Not working Not making a good connection or is weak Horn blows even when not pressed or always blowing   Have you been having this issues on you CJ, Truck or Wagon?  ... read more

Another Walck’s Exclusive – Windshield Straps

Dan Walck of Walck’s 4 Wheel Drive show off another Walck’s Exclusive. We got a lot of request for this item, the Windshield Straps are a great addition to any restoration project. These Windshield strap are used on CJ2A, CJ3A and CJ3B models. This strap... read more

Walck’s , Willys Jeep Vacuum and Electric Wiper Motors

  There are a lot of things to consider when choosing your wiper motors, whether you want to an authentic Vacuum motor or a modern electric motor. We have rebuilt vacuum motors for the CJ2A, CJ3A, CJ3B,CJ5, CJ6 as well as the Pick Up Truck, Station Wagon, Sedan... read more

Willys Jeep of the Week Submitted by Don C.

When I was a boy, about 11 years old, I was an avid model builder. I had a subscription to Hot Rod, Mechanics Illustrated, and a couple of other mags of the time, bought AMT model kits weekly, and was a typical kid overall. That summer, the summer of 1963, I got a... read more

Willys Jeep of the Week Submitted by Karen P.

My husband secretly worked out a deal with a friend to get this old Jeep for me. I’ve always wanted to restore an old vehicle. What better than an old jeep. I’ve never done anything like this before. So I spent alot of time researching my project. My... read more
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