We got a lot of requests to cover troubleshooting some of the issues causing no spark.

How to start Troubleshooting a no spark issue?

Dan goes though some of the first steps in the process. Starting with the connection between the key-switch, battery terminal and coil. Dan also covers whether you coil has an internal or external resistors, so you may need a porcelain block on the fire wall.

We also have Carl introducing another Walck’s exclusive, the Bell Crank Repair Kit 3/4″ With Safety Wedge And Lock Bolt for the MB, GPW, CJ2A 1941-1948

Part Number: 915762

You can see the part here: http://walcks4wd.com/bell-crank-repair-kit-34-mb-gp.html


As always please share you thoughts and experiences below in the comments section.



Willys picnic pic 243x300 The Great WILLYS Picnic

I wanted to let you know about a great local event in Kempton Pennsylvania. This event is a great time, I really enjoyed checking out all of the Old Jeeps and meeting the guys who spend their time and money restoring them.

You can check out Pictures from last years event here

p6090098 300x225 The Great WILLYS Picnic





The Picnic will be held on the grounds of the Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern Railroad located in the scenic village of Kempton, Pennsylvania. This is a great setting to display our classic Willys vehicles, as well as entertainment for the entire family. Also on-site is the Schuykill & Lehigh Model Railroad Club’s HO model train display.

For more information here is the site for the Picnic http://www.cj3a.info/picnic/

Here is a flyer you can print out for a reminder

Willys picnic 232x300 The Great WILLYS Picnic 2014 Picnic flyer


Carl Walck of Walck’s 4 Wheel Drive show off another Walck’s Exclusive.

These parts are all made in the USA, ensuring a great quality Reproduction.

The Radiator Shroud Side Mount has the 6 mounting holes like the original and is shaped like the original with the stamped out top with the beads rolled in it.

Grill Mount Bracket On Frame for the MB, GPW, CJ2A, CJ3A, CJ3B, DJ3A. This is the one that is rivited on the drivers or the passenger side to the top side of the rail.

Fuel Pedal Hinge 1946-1953 Pick Up Truck, Station Wagon, Sedan Delivery, Jeepster models. The hinge is the style that bolts to the floor with 3 screws.

Have you ordered out any of these parts?

Let me know what you think?

Dan Walck of Walck’s 4 Wheel Drive show off another Walck’s Exclusive.

We got a lot of request for this item, the Windshield Straps are a great addition to any restoration project. These Windshield strap are used on CJ2A, CJ3A and CJ3B models. This strap is like the original with the loop to fasten it to the front footman loop. Has the clasp to tighten it when the windshield is down. It is made out of original style material.

This part is made here in the US to keep a High Quality Product.

Have you had issues finding these straps for your Jeep,

Share your experiences with this quality product in the comments section below.

There is a way to put turn signals on you Jeep and still keep it looking original.


You can see its not quite as hard as it sounds, a little can-do spirit and you don’t have to loose that classic look for functional turn signals.


Is this something you would do on your restoration project?

Do you have a similar method you have use on a early Jeep you would like to share?


Jim Sommer just shared this with me, it’s a 2010 JeepsterNews publication.

Check it out Here: f JUN10 JNews Screen …This shows his answer on how he kept his ’48 Jeepster looking original.

You can check out Jim’s site for the Willy Overland Jeepster Club here: http://jeepsterclub.com/



There are a lot of things to consider when choosing your wiper motors, whether you want to an authentic Vacuum motor or a modern electric motor.

We have rebuilt vacuum motors for the CJ2A, CJ3A, CJ3B,CJ5, CJ6 as well as the Pick Up Truck, Station Wagon, Sedan Delivery, Jeepster. Watch to the end to get tips on how to install the electric motors.

Parts can be found here.

What kind of wipers are you putting on your restoration project?

Considering getting a reproduction, or hunting down an original body, Carl talks about the quality you will find in a reproduction.

Here are a few thoughts from Carl….

“I always like to keep things as original as possible, but sometimes bodies are too rusted out and too far gone.”

“Luckily, reproductions are available.”

Share your experiences with reproduction bodies on our blog.

When I was a boy, about 11 years old, I was an avid model builder. I had a subscription to Hot Rod, Mechanics Illustrated, and a couple of other mags of the time, bought AMT model kits weekly, and was a typical kid overall.

Jeep 5 3 2011 001 300x225 Willys Jeep of the Week Submitted by Don C.got a ride in a Mercedes Gull wing from a guy at the local DX station. Watta; ride! That ride changed my life.

During that summer I was also just tall enough to touch the pedals of the local farmer’s 1948 Willys– the rusty old thing they used to haul hay wagons on this huge dairy farm in Mantua, Ohio. It was a neat summer learning to “drive”, and I fell in love with that Willys Jeep, and wanted desperately to build one as a hot-rod in the spirit of the old-school hot rodders like Ed “Big Daddy” Roth out of California.

Fast forward to September1968 when I was a senior in High School in Wisconsin: I found, much to my dad Bill’s (Ol’ Willy) dismay, a run-down 1956 Willys DJ3A Dispatcher 2WD formerly used at the Texaco station from the local used car dealer. Both the dealer and my Dad warned me NOT to stick any money into it.
Dad said, “It’s so rusty the rabbits could run through it“- and that was very true.
Shortly after tearing it down and claiming it as a father-son project, Dad died of cancer in the winter of 1969.

Aside from that rusty old jeep, a 327 Chevy small block and Dad’s tool box, that was all I had left; but I was determined to make this Willys my own.

Forward to 1972, Vietnam era draft, a 1958 corvette fuel injected, 327 cid Chevy V8, 4 speed, and Olds rear axle. (pic1972.jpg) Willys.
That was iteration 1.1- a crazy, rusty, fun ride I drove all over Milwaukee, Wisconsin, LaCrosse, and beyond.

1980: College ends, Marriage begins and so do kids… 4 of them, all boys and no one interested in Jeeps but me. Into storage.

2000: Resurrection and total rebuild, but life gets in the way, as always. Boxed frame, lotsa’ chrome, new seats, new disk brakes, rear axle, fiberglass body, hand made roll bar, and LOTS of new things I can’t count.

2013: Loss of a son, new marriage, new career, life gets in the way, but the Willy’s still being reborn.
A punched 355 Chevy engine, Crane Cam, Muncie M20, 2- 600 Hollies, Lakewood, Wilwood, ET, M&H, Strange Engineering, and Little Willy will be ready to ride again.

I’m not a restorer in the any sense of the word, and although this one was originally destined for the scrap heap, I saved it in many ways.

Like many of you, I am stuck on my Willys and could never part with it.

Just remember what I have heard may times before, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey” and that is so true of our lives, and our lives with our beloved Jeeps.

I’ll keep you posted on this long term project if you like.

Don C.

1972 300x225 Willys Jeep of the Week Submitted by Don C.

saved photos 5 300x300 Willys Jeep of the Week Submitted by Karen P.

I’ve always wanted to restore an old vehicle. What better than an old jeep. I’ve never done anything like this before. So I spent alot of time researching my project. My husband helped. But he let me do things the way I wanted. Bless his heart, because I’m a pretty tough boss.

I learned to weld and do body work. I did all the painting and applied the rhino liner. I took things off the engine, put them back on. It was quite a learning experience. I know my jeep inside and out.

When my husband bought it, the floors were gone. Someone had slipped some sheet metal in to keep their feet inside. The body was actually welded to the frame. And at an angle to boot. The shocks were frozen. But it started!

I decided on pink to keep my grown sons out of it. It hasn’t worked. My friends love it when I take them for rides in the woods and water. Walcks was a great help. I just ordered a handcrank from them. Now I need to paint it PINK!

saved photos 4 1 300x200 Willys Jeep of the Week Submitted by Karen P.