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Here’s Carl Walck with a special announcement for FC170 owners…


  1. Brian Lawrenz Reply

    That’s great, appreciate the effort. Unfortunately I’ve got the FC 150.

  2. I am still having problems with my 1965 Tuxedo Park Mark IV wiring harness, alternator installe at the. factory
    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong ? Is it the control panel (speed otometer ), regulator or the alternator.

    Norm Farnham
    call 910-280-7991 or
    e-mail me @: elevatedtee@yahoo.com

    • Robin Walck Reply

      Give Carl a call at the shop Norm – he’ll be able to walk you through it!

  3. David Delight Reply

    Carl thanks for helping out all of us Jeep people!
    That’s great to hear your making a bed for these. there is one for sale I was just looking at with no bed now I know there will be one available. I think I will buy this FC170 that I am looking at.

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